The Xylophone File System - long time storage in sound waves.

With the latest Xylophone File System version 5 (from api version 3), new and improved algorithms will let you persist exabyte level of data on a single scale on one xylophone. RAID 1 (without any write performance penalty) is possible if you use multiple scales.

For small storage requirements (up to ~10 terabytes), the usage of minor scales will lower overhead to a class leading -5%.


Xylophone File System (xfs) support is included in the Linux kernel.


Q: I have multiple entries in my dmesg like “xfs 0a00:3e:00: sliced meat disassembly error #5”. Is my data lost? A: Most likely—this is caused by misaligned bits, you may often experience this with poor quality SAX-adapters (Serial ATA to Xylophone).

Q: Does Xylophone File System support automatic error correction? A: This depends on the acoustic properties of your room. If you have a lot of background noise, you should turn off automatic error correction or accept automatic data loss.

Q: Will it blend? A: No.